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As a dynamic community dedicated to learning, discovery and enterprise, the University of Bristol recognises the value of a truly diverse workforce and the contribution that every individual can make.

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The success of the University clearly depends on our ability to recruit, retain and develop the very best academic, research and support staff.

We aim to offer a positive working environment for everyone who works here and we have developed a range of opportunities and benefits to help you further your career with us.

Our Black and Minority Staff Network also provides another vehicle for staff from different cultural backgrounds to contribute to this environment.

University of Bristol student The University has a variety of academic, research and technical vacancies across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines, and you will also benefit from working with highly talented colleagues and students and access to superb facilities.

 As one of Bristol’s largest employers, we also have vacancies in the diverse range of support functions that are vital to help the University maintain and build on its internationally distinguished reputation, including administrators, secretaries, technicians, caterers and cleaners. The University also employs a wide range of people in specialist roles, from IT experts to sports centre staff and accountants.

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