CV Templates

CV Templates
There are many ways to compile a CV and ways in which you can make one look professional and presentable. All should have essential information such as qualifications, experience and basic personal details. Select the right format of CV for you.


1. The Traditional CV

A Personal Statement – sum up in 2-4 lines
What makes you the best candidate and why
Work achievements or examples of work environments in which you have contributed successfully (put the best at the top and just 2-3 short sentences)
Relevant work experience, length of work with a company
Educational achievements
References at the end


2. Graduate CV

Personal statement
What makes you the best candidate and why
Any relevant work experience and examples of problem solving (successful work/achievements)
Educational qualifications – but perhaps more about why chose the subject and its relevance to the job on offer


3. Career change or seeking a job outside your previous education/work qualifications

Personal statement
Why you want to move into this area
Provide examples of relevant work or transferrable skills – again post achievements and relate to them to the job you’re applying to be considered.
Education – can be brief it isn’t particularly important or relevant.
Instead of focussing on previous roles, try to give importance on the skills that are useful for the new role. Include real-life examples to prove your skills.


4. Skill based CV

Personal statement.
Tailor everything, including your previous work or voluntary experience to the job in hand
Emphasise the educational or work qualifications that may be necessary to be even considered (but don’t put them at the top)


5. Career Break

Personal statement
Relate the gap or career break to the change in circumstances and be honest – without it raising immediate questions (ie pregnancy, illness) Be prepared to talk about this.


6. Creative CVs

Personal statement
You can afford to be more creative in presentation and use both graphic and art skills to show that you can bring your style and flair to a role where it is expected but try to keep it simple and clear. It is still a CV, not a presentation.

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