We’re looking for a full stack engineer who leans towards specialising in the frontend to join our full stack team. We’re looking for someone who can work just about anywhere in the stack, but who is especially passionate about frontend and can evangelise frontend within the team. You will be working in a product squad focused on originating loans for small businesses. We are building out the first ever end to end digital journey for the bank, it is essential that we deliver excellent UX and help customers have a great experience in their first interactions with us. This is the first part of a much larger transformation to product led squads and design thinking.

Where can you have impact


Delightful UX, direct customer feedback and fast delivery times mean we can iterate, and build are really great experience for users – help us deliver on this.


Help us change the mindset of people from project / output-based delivery to product / outcome based, lets focus on what the end goal is, how we can measure that and ensure we’re all moving towards solving real problems.


We need to grow the team, we need great people leaders to help us do that.


You may be a good fit for this role if you:

  • Have a strong technical background, including 5+ years of experience designing and engineering large scale systems.
  • Have 3+ years of experience using a JS framework in production, ideally React
  • Measure your success in terms of business impact, not lines of code
  • Internalise the best ideas from across the organisation, humbly setting a vision that others can get behind
  • Embrace DevOps culture: You build it, you run it
  • Work well cross-functionally and earn trust from co-workers at all levels
  • Care deeply about mentorship and growing your colleagues
  • Prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones
  • Enjoy working with a diverse group of people with different areas of expertise.
  • Make pragmatic technology choices, at the moment we use React / Python / MySQL / AWS / Terraform / CircleCI
  • You challenge the existing approach when you see the cliff edge racing towards us, but also get on board once the options have been debated and the team has made a decision
  • You’re comfortably organised amongst chaos
  • You’re a broad thinker and have the capability to see the potential impact of decisions across the wider business


Link to apply: