Top Paying Jobs

This is just a guide to what is available in the UK at the present time (April 2022), think about what you want from work in all its aspect, not just one (ie money).



1. CEOs – In both the private and public sector, leaders are paid the most. Salaries tend to be slightly higher in the private sector, especially in the financial sphere, but experience and qualifications are essential. On average a CEO in the UK will earn nearly £98K. It’s rare for this group to be under 30.


2. Medical practitioners – NHS Consultants earn about £84-94K and some can earn more working also in the private sector and earnings of over £200K are not unusual, combining both NHS and private work.


3. Legal professionals – There are lots of well-paid jobs in the law sector but you must be qualified to be even considered. Qualifications and experience will put you in good stead and average law salaries are over £76K.


4. Marketing specialists – It’s a specialist role and vital to many company’s bottom line – £75K is the norm at senior levels but it depends on the size of the company and their turnover to some degree too.


5. Brokers – third-party individuals between two individuals/companies involved in a common trading relationship. Brokers charge fee for their services, often as the people in the middle. Based on official calculations, a broker earns up to an average of £66K.


6. Advertising & Public Relations Directors – Often responsible for a company or organisation’s image, it’s another specialist role that requires experience, qualifications (usually a degree) and creative skills – (writing/storyboarding/ideas/design/filmmaking/producing/directing). Advertising is mostly done by agencies contracted by companies to work on campaigns, etc, while PR is a wider-ranging function that some companies have in-house, while others use agencies to manage/control. They are quite different functions and while one has a strongly financial aspect (advertising), the other doesn’t (necessarily or at all in some cases). On average at the top end, a salary of about £65K is not uncommon, it can be a lot more for those at the very top of a big organisation or managing an agency with many corporate advertising campaigns & clients.


7. Financial managers and directors – Often called chief financial officers, they can earn as much or very close to what a CEO might be earning – again it depends on the size of the company that employs them. An accountancy background is common, and usually chartered and often starting out with one of the recognised big four accountancy firms – smaller companies will also have accountants and financial managers but they won’t be paid as much as those with CA qualifications and therefore the average salary is £65K but in many cases, finance directors can earn well over £90K, it really depends on the size of the company and the amounts they are managing.


8. IT & telecommunications – This role involves in setting up and establishing, maintaining the common computer systems. There’s a wide range of experience and responsibility – again the bigger the organisation, the more likely it is that your remuneration will be high than the average of nearly £64K.

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