A Step-by-Step Guide On How to Run Google Ads Campaign


In the world of technological innovation, the crucial thing that we all should be aware of is the ad campaign. This is mainly used to optimize your content for search engines. But, sometimes the pay-per-click service is more than what you think it is. As we all know, pay-per-click is one of the most perfect and the most important marketing strategies in the digital world. But the important thing that should be kept in mind is how to use the technique. Because like you, your competitors are also using the same keywords to make their websites reach the epitome. So, making your website stand out from the rest is a difficult task. But, if you are able to crack this main task, then you will succeed a great high.  In this JobsBuster blog post we will discuss the various tips and tricks to do a good ad campaign.


What is a Google Ads Campaign?

Google ad is one of the types of ppc campaign under search engine marketing. Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that you can use to get your ads listed on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). With this system, you can create just one campaign, which is used to organize groups of similar ads, or you can run multiple campaigns at once through your Google Ads account. The ppc campaign comes in different types and forms. If you are Searching for PPC Specialist Jobs then Jobsbuster is a great platform for job search in UK.


Types of Google Ads

  • Call ads

Call ads, or ads that display your company’s phone number, appear for users searching your keywords on their mobile devices. These types of ads are easy and straightforward, and are mostly utilized to generate leads, as a phone call is a simple way to gather information about a potential customer or client. If your services are estimate-based, this may be right for you.


  • Display ads

Companies looking to increase their brand visibility often overlook how important and affordable running brand awareness advertisements can be. While they don’t often have the short-sales cycle of search ads, display ads play the long game. Display Ads, often employed in tandem with Search ads, will show users images or videos of your products or services. These ads almost always receive a high number of impressions, as they are less expensive to run than search ads.


  • Video ads

Video ads, or YouTube ads, are ads that are shown before or during a user watching a YouTube video. The most common form of these ads are pre-roll ads, or ads that play before the user watches their respective YouTube video.


  • App ads

App ads, as the name suggests, are ads that promote your mobile device app. These ads are employed to encourage downloads of your app, and are shown to users on mobile devices, including phones and tablets.


  • Shopping ads

If you have an online store and are looking to grow your marketing of web shop sales, these ads may be right for you. Shopping ads are reserved for ecommerce companies selling many products, rather than a company offering one or two services. Shopping ads show the user specific product photos and prices, as well as a link to buy specific products they are searching for. These ads promote product sales and generate revenue; more specifically, these ads are normally used by companies that already have an established brand and are ready to increase their profitability.


Strategies to do a google ad campaign

If you want to create a successful google ad campaign you need to work hard for this particular idea. There are various strategies to use to create a good google ad campaigns. You only need to have the right strategy if you really want to create a successful google ad campaign. Now let us just look into the right strategies.


  • Make use of the promotion extension.

This promotional extension plays one of the important roles in the ppc campaign. This will give much more attention to your ppc campaigns. Because this will allow the users interaction to work on a large scale. One of the good ways to use the best out of the particular ad campaign is to put the occasional ‘new year’ or ‘Christmas’ wishes. In this way you will be able to get the best out of everything and get maximum benefit from this. You also need to optimize your ppc ads so that the mobile users can also view them.


  • Making the best out of the negative words. But use them nicely

You are a pro or a beginner in ppc ad campaign the important thing that you always need to keep in mind is to use the best out of the negative words. But the thing that you always keep in mind is that you need to use them properly because sometimes it can work against you. When you place the negative words in your ad campaign then it will automatically remove the users who are using those words.


  • Putting a dynamic keyword in to your ad

Inserting a dynamic keyword in your ad can really help you with doing an ad campaign. Dynamic Keyword Insertion is an outstanding strategy that dynamically updates the text of your ad by adding the most exact matched keyword from the term searched by your customers. But there are many factors that you need to consider if you want this strategy to work well for you.

The first thing is to avoid the use of the wrong code. Even if you use inappropriate capitalization and miss any bracket or use the wrong bracket or any other minor mistake, it will completely go wrong for you. Misspelled words are another major concern to notice because if you enter the wrong spelling of your keyword, then it will show the misspelled ad.


  • Improve your call into your action

Call to action of your PPC ad has significant importance because usually, visitors don’t buy at first contact. You have to put some effort into convincing that your website is the best for the product/service they are looking for.

By analyzing the entire journey of a customer, you can easily verify your weak areas where some information is missing or is not present in such a way that entices the users to take instant action. The best way to handle this concern is to recognize which product/service is highly appreciated by the users instead of redirecting them to all the stuff that is available at the moment.


How to run a Google ads campaign?

To make your google ad campaign you need to follow a few different tips and tricks. Google ad campaign is getting a wide range of hype because this particular idea could reach you to a wide range of google users. This will help you to achieve goals like increasing more and more calls to your business, boosting website visitors and generating overall sales.

1.Set Clear Goals

The first important thing that you always need to keep in your mind is that, you need to define your campaign objectives. Whether it’s driving website traffic, increasing sales, generating leads, or promoting brand awareness etc. This is the first and the fore most thing that will help you to connect with the audience. Clearly having these goals will guide your campaign strategy.


2.Create a Google Ads Account

Next step here is to creating a google account for yourself. If you really don’t have one google account then you need to create one. If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Google Ads account at ads.google.com. Follow the prompts to set up your account. Only then you can continue for the google ad campaign.


3.Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important things when it comes to creating a good campaign. You need to identify the most relevant keywords that the customers might use to find a particular product or a service. The Google’s keyword planner is one of the most relevant platforms that might help you with discovering keywords and to estimate their search volume.


4.Campaign Type

Another most important step when it comes to the google ad campaign is to choose the type of campaign that aligns with your goal. How you want to do it. The google ads offers various types of ad campaigns, which includes search, display, video, shopping and app campaigns.


5.Campaign Settings

Setting up your campaigning is another thing. You need to define the location that you are targeting, your language preferences, the budget, and all the bidding strategies etc. You also need to ensure your settings to be align with your target audiences and the campaign goals that you are having.


6.Ad Groups

The most important thing is that you need to align your campaign by creating the ad groups. Each ad group should be focusing on specific theme or a set of the keywords. This particular idea allows you to create more of the targeted ads and monitor your performances more effectively.


7.Create Ads

You need to create more compelling and the relevant ad copies based on the chosen keywords. Here the thing that you must notice is that your ads should highlight the products. That should be created in a way that the unique selling points of your product or service.


8.Ad Extensions

To make your ad campaign work well you must need to enhance your ads with ad extensions. You must need ad extensions like site link extensions, callout extensions, and local extensions etc. These will provide you with the additional help and make your ads more engaging.


9.Conversion Tracking

You must need to set up a conversion tracking to measure the success of your campaign. This is to track actions like form submissions, purchases, or other important interactions from your site.


10.Budget & Bidding Management

You also need to keep a close eye on the budget. For any ad campaign a budget management is a must. You need to allocate more budget to high performing campaigns and make adjustments to the underperforming one. and choose a bidding strategy that aligns with your goals, whether it’s maximizing clicks, conversions, or impressions.


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Google ad campaign is very much essential for boosting business profitability. But the important thing that you need to understand is that you must create your campaigns around powerful concepts. If you are able to get all these things in hand, then you’ll be able to boost your business profitability on the go.

We hope this JobsBuster post will provide you with a better idea of how to make a salary high.

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