How to be productive while working from home


Working from home has become the new norm. The different sectors including the corporate sector has witnessed the new shift over the past two years. More than 80 per cent of employees were asked to work from home. Now many employees prefer to work from home mostly and employers and HE departments are far more amenable to the idea post-pandemic. There are still limits and exceptions, so be prepared to be flexible and accommodating with many jobs having a hybrid model, where you will be required to work in the office some of the time, attend meetings and training, while also being able to work from home.


Being productive while working from home can be difficult – you must be disciplined and not fall to distractions.
Here are some tips for you if you are able to work from home –


1. Creating a workspace just like your office desk with all the necessary tools, chair, and table would all help in having a feel of working at office itself. Don’t lie down on a bed or sofa – work as you might in the office with a desk, screen and other tools such as notebook, pen all easily to hand.


2. Plan the working day wisely. Keep a to-do list of the tasks that need to be completed and impose your own deadlines (a bit earlier than set ones) and keep focused on the tasks at hand.


3. Have regular breaks by getting up, making a drink or for longer breaks, taking a walk or sitting outside will help in stimulating you. Avoid watching television for long – unless knowing what is going on in the world is part of your work.


4. Work regular office hours and stick to them. Of course, if you start a bit late, still make up the time, but don’t let this become a habit or consistently work late – if you find this happening, you must talk to your employer.


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5. Be in touch, communicate with your colleagues and line managers. Be it a short message or a quick call, respond to the mails in time. Keep your boss informed about your working patterns and keep them informed about any changes or major disruption.


6. Use your phone only for work, resist communicating with friends till after work.

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