Seo Strategies to Optimize Website After March 2024 Update


Technology is evolving at bolt speed. The main changes are happening in the digital landscape. Digital media is having a constant state of flux. The SEO field is also undergoing major changes due to the new ever-developing digitalization. Search engines update algorithms regularly to deliver relevant and high-quality content to their users. The Google March 2024 Core update is critical due to major modifications to search engine algorithms that website owners and marketers must grasp to preserve or improve their websites’ visibility in search results. In this JobsBuster blog post we will investigate the key strategies to optimize the website after the post-Google update of 2024. Through this blog you will be able to understand more about the 2024 Google Algorithm change, the key seo strategies to optimize the website, etc. Without any further delay let us directly investigate the details.


Understanding the March 2024 Core Update

The main purpose behind this policy change is to make a simple path to better our online search results to improve the Google search experience. Now the question will arise why Google has made this type of major change. The main thing that needs to be noted is that Google is implementing this to make sure that only organic, authentic, and newly made content comes first when we are looking at a specific search engine result page. In simple words we could say that, if your website does not have any original or new idea for people to read then surely that isn’t going to come at the top of the search engine result page. Surely this new changing algorithm might hurt or upset a few people. But if you are ready to make unique and helpful content then surely this policy will help your content to get into the top of the search result page.


We’ve long had policies and automated systems to fight against spammers, and we work to address emerging tactics that look to game our results with low-quality content. We regularly update those policies and systems to effectively tackle these trends so we can continue delivering useful content and connecting people with high-quality websites.

~ Elizabeth Tucker, Director, Product Management


The new Google spam update is a new development. As the name suggests, seems to focus on ensuring that Google search is of the best quality and utmost relevance. With the help of this core update, there is no doubt that Google intends to ensure that the unoriginal, shady and not-so-much helpful content is not included in the Google Search Engine Result Page.


What are the key SEO Strategies for Post-March 2024 Core Update

It is understandable that the new Google core update is one of the toughest ones. But there are ways you could stop any mishaps happening to your website. According to the top UK job search portal there are certain SEO strategies that we could use to stop these mistakes. Let us discuss each of them in detail.


1.Content Optimization

Content optimization in SEO is one of the most important things that achieve the goals with multi-level of activities. A robust keyword analysis is the next stage, which is based on discovering relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition. This will assist you in determining what your audience is searching for and which in turn will enable you to customize your content so that it responds to those needs. Now that you have narrowed your focus to specific keywords, you should use them as a guide to create excellence and engaging content that is optimized for these keywords. The process of organic keywords implantation includes using them in the title, headings, and the text body in a natural manner.

Besides helping your pages rank with the aid of keywords, you can also enhance your content via applying structured data markup. This way of marking-up is useful for the search systems that may learn about the type of content. This can assist in improving the visibility by driving your content to the top of the search results and may also enforce higher click through rates.


2.Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about the process of coding and design of your website. This is one thing that helps the SEO’s. This makes it easy for search engines to read and index the web pages. This means that your website must be mobile friendly, and it should be able to present an impression of mobile friendliness to its visitors as Google now considers mobile friendly content for indexing and ranking. One of the many key components of technical SEO is the increase of the site speed and the performance. Also, you should structure your webpage and liquidity. The content strategies include, developing a logical structure for your content, using internal or interlinking to help crawling and indexing of the pages by search engines, and removing technical errors such as broken links or duplicate content from your website.

Technical SEO is crucial in the sense that it draws a line between where your website stands vis-a-vis search engines and the level of engagement it provides its visitors. Through the incorporation of best practices and by checking on your site for issues on a regular basis, search engine rankings may be enhanced thus, organic visits to your website may be bolstered up accordingly.


3.Backlink Profile Management

Back link management task exists in SEO which also requires you to evaluate your website’s back link profile and after that, work at improving it. This particular idea has a great impact on website SEO. To begin with, this means spotting and rebuking those poisonous or junky backlinks that might cause your site to be put lower on SERP. To increase the quantity of your backlink portfolio you can focus on raising the quality and naturalness of them by means of writing unique and useful content and building connections with other websites. This means production of top-of-the-line content that will make another site want to have a link to it and reaching out to the relevant websites requesting back links.

You must keep an eye on the backlink profile and reject spammy or dangerous links if you encounter any. It may play a role in keeping these backlinks from impacting in a negative way your site’s rankings. Ultimately, backlink profiles based on the SEO indicate two main reasons that can increase your pages position in SERPs as well as attract more organically focused users to your site.


4.User Experience Optimization

UX Optimization is focused on the overall outcome of the website users; it’s about making it more fun and easier to navigate. This obviously makes it beneficial towards your search engine rankings with Google. Since Google considers the user experience when ranking websites this will surely help your brand to reach heights. By implementing such a design, one major goal that websites can reach is to provide usable and accessible websites. This includes making the site simpler to navigate and having compelling offers with a responsive design that renders the pages well across all devices. This is also a necessity because you will need a website with similar capabilities that can be accessed by users with disabilities as this might boost your ranking on search engines.

Besides presenting UX optimization, Vitals metric optimization is also another factor, loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability are included in this aspect. This can make the experience pleasant for users and may increase your search engine ranking because it will be simple, easy to navigate, and it will load quickly. Follow the sentence structure and try to replace duplicate words with synonyms. In a nutshell, UX optimization is one of the key SEO features that can be used to develop online search positions and increase the traffic of the website through the channel of organic search.


Using AI and Machine learning in SEO

AI and machine learning bring into SEO a new technology, viz.  traffic to the sites and experience already garnered by these sites in search engine rankings. The use of these tools brings in the possibility of working with large data sets, thus, trends and associations that could be missed by the unaided human eye can be uncovered. Through AI-powered initiatives, ranging from keyword research to content optimization and SEO analysis, companies might be able to get the upper hand in the digital world. As Artificial Intelligence and machine learning acquires the capacity to process and comprehend user intent, they become one of the best SEO aspects. Through the reviewing of search queries and user behavior, these platforms may give your insight into what you should produce to be successful. This thus leads the website to a good ranking in search results, because search engines pay attention to the content that can lead the user needs.

AI-driven tools allow access to your competitors’ strategic passages and create a chance to discover your existing gaps and opportunities in your own approach as well. Knowing the techniques of the successful people in your industry will give you an added edge enabling you to refine your technical SEO strategies to best appeal to your target market. Technologies AI and machine learning remodel the process of SEO, letting business owners apply the strongest instruments aimed at increasing their website’s visibility and ranking organically in search results. With appropriate application of these technologies, companies can stay ahead, increase their efficiency, and become successful in the near future.


Monitoring and Analysis

Monitoring and reporting specifications at regular intervals are unquestionably the principals of successful SEO achievements. Including tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console is very important in search engine optimization.  These enable you to see essential metrics that offer insight into your site. Such parameters as organic traffic, keyword positions and the backlink profile of the site are the metrics to be tracked without any exception. Through constantly processing this information you will develop a complete familiarity with the ways your website performs in search engine rankings (SERPs). More specifically, observing the organic traffic helps you evaluate the strength of your SEO effort through the number of visitors the site gets. The ranking data for certain keywords gives you an idea of your bid for related search terms, which enables you to make some changes in your content strategy. Not only that, but if you check your backlink profile, you can evaluate the number of websites and the quality of the sites that are linking to you, which is very important for the SEO success.

Constant audit and analysis help you discover things in need of improvement and make smart decisions with the purpose of increasing your website content optimization. Whether you decide to get these insights for your content strategy, site’s technical performance, or the backlink profile, they empower you to make your website more search engine-friendly, which is an excellent way to drive organic traffic and improve the intensity of your visibility on the internet.


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A turning point in the search engine optimization was revealed in the latest update of March 2024. From that core update it was pretty much clear that relevance in content and user experience. Considering the strategies listed above, you can ease your web resource to position itself at the top of search engines results and gain organic traffic from search engines.

We hope this JobsBuster post will provide you with a better idea Seo Strategies to Optimize Website After March 2024 Update

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to post them in the comment section below. Our team will contact you soon.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.How the Google March 2024 Core update is important to SEO?

The recent Google March 2024 March core update or algorithm updates was created for the search engines. Google helps the search engines to offer users trusted search results. Relevance of content and user experience is one of the most crucial factors in this new Google core update. Websites that provide rich, treasury, and amazing content will tend to have superior ranks over those that have thin or poor content. Thus, the latter might see a decrease in ranking. This portion stresses that useful content should be produced that fulfills the demand of the user rather than concentrating only on keyword optimization.


2.How can I create quality content on my website on which I will be penalized right after the March 2024 update takes place?

To optimize your website’s content post-March 2024 update, consider the following strategies:

  • Do keyword research which is thorough so as to pick keywords with high search volume on related areas.
  • Generate relevant material with an apt keyword that will consistently rank high in search engine results and it will impact the search engine optimization.
  • Semantic study can be used to give search engines certain additional data about the content of your website, and eventually help to increase its visibility in search results.
  • Understand the kinds of information your audience wants and then offer this content that is useful to them.


3.What procedure of technical SEO would one need after the end of Google March 2024 core update?

Key technical SEO strategies to implement post-March 2024 update include Key technical SEO strategies to implement post-March 2024 update include:

  • Making sure that your site is optimized for mobile users, including responsiveness and mobile friendliness are some of the key elements to implement.
  • With Core Web Vitals, Google focuses on speed and the user experience. This is only possible by enhancing website speed and performance to meet the metrics.
  • You should make sure that your website’s content is well organized, and search engines can find and “crawl” your content by optimizing your website’s structure and navigation.
  • Security measures deployment e.g HTTPS + good user data protection, and thus the buildup of trust and confidence on responses is crucial.

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