Google March 2024 Core Update: Impact on Websites


As you all know, in March 2024, Google announced its first core update for the year 2024. This core update is going to make a major shift and have an impact on existing as well as newly created websites. This new Google March 2024 Core update will be more significant than the updates from the previous years. SEO as well as the people who are doing the digital marketing jobs need to understand the importance of the new update to make their website drive natural traffic. The March 2024 update is surely going to affect their campaigns, websites, and revenues.

In this JobsBuster blog post, we are going to discuss the March 2024 core updates, the overview, finding the affected ones, and various tips to stay competitive on Google’s search results. So, without any further delay let us dive into the topic.


What is March 2024 Core Update?

The March 2024 Google Core update is all about to make the Google search experience better. It is just a tool to make our online search experience better. By implementing this policy Google is making sure that only organic, authentic, and newly created content should come first when we are looking at a particular search engine result page.

For easy understanding, this core update means if your website doesn’t have an original, new idea for people to read then surely that isn’t going to come at the top of the search engine result page. This core update might upset some people, but, if you are someone who is up for creating helpful and original content, then this update is surely gonna help you to raise your website’s ranking.

We’ve long had policies and automated systems to fight against spammers, and we work to address emerging tactics that look to game our results with low-quality content. We regularly update those policies and systems to effectively tackle these trends so we can continue delivering useful content and connecting people with high-quality websites.

~ Elizabeth Tucker, Director, Product Management

As the name suggests, the new Google spam update is all about improving the quality and relevance of the Google search. From this core update, it is clear that Google is very serious about removing the unoriginal, shady, and not helpful content from the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


Overview of Google’s New Spam Policies in 2024

As discussed above, Google’s new Core Algorithm Update 2024 is considered a continuous effort to redefine its Search Engine Result Page (SERP) algorithm. If used properly, this latest update can bring your website to the top of the search result page. This brings significant changes to the link signals, reflecting the evolving landscape of online content and the user experience.

With the ongoing core update, Google also introduced new spam policies that will fight against manipulative practices that degrade the quality of the search. This new spam update addresses various forms of updates, like scaled content abuse, domain abuse, site reputation abuse, etc. Let us discuss each of them in detail.


Expired Domain Abuse

The new Google Core update can be considered the end of expired domain abuse. Expired Domain Abuse deals with acquiring expired domains with existing authorities. This will redirect the users or clients to unrelated or spammy websites. This will surely destroy the domain’s existing trust and ranking.

For example, someone might buy an expired domain that was previously used for a pharmacy business and repurpose that site to host some low-quality media services, hoping for a successful search based on the domain’s previous business. Expired domain abuse is not something people accidentally do. They do it intending to make their low-quality content website rank top with the domain’s previous reputation. The March 2024 core update refined the way Google tracks expired domain abuse.


According to the new spam update by Google,

Expired domain abuse is when an expired domain name is purchased and repurposed primarily to manipulate search rankings by hosting content that provides little to no value to users. For example, someone might purchase a domain previously used by a medical site and repurpose that to host low-quality casino-related content, hoping to be successful in search based on the domain’s reputation from a previous owner.

Expired domain abuse isn’t something people accidentally do. It’s a practice employed by people who hope to rank well in search results with low-value content by using the past reputation of a domain name. These domains are generally not intended for visitors to find them in any other way but through search engines. It’s fine to use an old domain name for a new, original site that is designed to serve people first.


Scaled Content Abuse

I hope you heard the expression, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.” Scaled content abuse can be defined as the practice of producing large quantities of low-quality content. Like the previously discussed point, this is also used to manipulate the search engine ranking. The manipulations can be of different types. They include keyword stuffing, content spinning, and other misleading SEO techniques.


According to the new spam update by Google,

Scaled content abuse is when many pages are generated for the primary purpose of manipulating search rankings and not helping users. This abusive practice is typically focused on creating large amounts of unoriginal content that provides little to no value to users, no matter how it’s created.

This new policy builds on our previous spam policy about automatically generated content, ensuring that we can take action on scaled content abuse as needed, no matter whether the content is produced through automation, human efforts, or some combination of human and automated processes.


Site Reputation Abuse

Site reputation abuse revolves around manipulating a few external factors, and with the help of that, they boost the website’s credibility artificially. This mainly consists of false reviews, fake backlinks, or some other techniques used to deceive online users.


According to the new spam update by Google,

Site reputation abuse is when third-party pages are published with little or no first-party oversight or involvement, where the purpose is to manipulate search rankings by taking advantage of the first-party site’s ranking signals. Such third-party pages include sponsored, advertising, partner, or other third-party pages that are typically independent of a host site’s main purpose or produced without close oversight or involvement of the host site and provide little to no value to users.


Who are the Affected Ones?

You must keep in mind that those websites that engage in manipulative behaviors are affected by this new core update by Google. This category includes those who use expired domains to publish low-quality content, use scaled content to become top in the Google search result page (SERP), and also use third-party low-quality content. All of these are incorporated into the website to get first place in the SERPs. Let us further discuss the ones who are affected by these the most.

Businesses that are relying on expired domains.

Websites that are involved in scaled content abuse.

Websites hosting third-party low-value content.


Tips to Stay Competitive in Google Search

Staying competitive in Google search needs a lot of effort. It is because the search engine algorithms keep on changing day by day. If you want to be at the top of Google search results, then you should be thorough with the on-going updates happening in this. Let us discuss a few important tips to stay competitive in Google search.


Create longer form content.

The important thing that you should note is that you can rank your website on the search engine research page (SERP) by writing more long-form content. The long-form content will help you dive deep into any content that you are writing about. This will make your content more informative and of higher value. If you similarly create content, more engagement will happen, and in that way, your website will get higher on the search page.


Competitor research

Doing competitor research is one of the most important things. This competitor research will help you know the competitors who ranked higher in the same keywords that you are working on. Sometimes you can recognize them as your competitors, or some may not be on the top list. But that doesn’t mean that you can think of them as less threatening. What you have to do is, you have to be more careful about your competitor.


Create engaging content to foster engagement.

One of the important things that you have to do I you want to stay at the top is creating contents that foster engagement. It is true that if your content offers value to the audience, then it will make them stay on the website longer. This will create a positive impact on your rankings.


Target on new developments and rank in Google News

Ranking the contents that you developed would be a great way to receive authority links. In this way more websites want to cite you as a source. This will in the course of time improve your domain authority. Doing this particular thing will surely help you get a higher ranking. The main goal will be to get your website to the top of news results.


By following these tips consistently for some time will surely refine your strategy. You will be able to maintain completive place in the Google search with other websites. This will also help you to attract more organic traffic to your site.


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As we have discussed the 2024 core update, it’s impact on the search engine landscape is clearly visible. Deindexing the websites that are undergoing manipulative practices, especially those undergoing AI generated content, makes a significant change in the approach that Google makes in creating the quality of the search result. As the Google core update for the year 2024 is coming to the forefront the websites and the content creators must adapt to retain quality and originality.

We hope this JobsBuster post will provide you with a better idea of the new Google core update of Google for the year 2024.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to post them in the comment section below. Our team will contact you soon.

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