Top tips for the preparation of an interview


Feeling pressurised or nervous before a job interview is normal.

Getting an interview is a positive sign – the company or recruiter has seen something they like!

Try to stay confident, calm, and collected. Even if the result is a rejection – you could gently and politely ask why you didn’t get through – don’t expect an answer but if they do respond, learn from it and the whole experience.


Here are some important steps to be taken before attending a job interview.


1. Learn about the company. Look at their background, aims, vision, mission, number of employees, how they take care of their employees, history ( simple Google search) and company’s required skills. Be prepared to talk about news stories involving the company and always be diplomatic and better to say too little rather than too much if asked. Err on the side of caution.


2. Potential employers have to assess whether you can do the job and so they are looking for relevant skills and experience and your general demeanour can go along way, be friendly, helpful and smile. . Be prepared to face these questions with examples of you handling tough situations previously, and the ideas, and paths you took to achieve your goals. Convince them you are the right person for the role.


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3. Be smart. Dress as though you are going to a formal event – wedding, funeral, etc. So wear a suit or formal office attire for an office job, other positions depends on whether there is a uniform or not.


4. Be prepared for the common interview questions such as “describe your strengths and weaknesses”, “what motivates you”, “where do you see yourself in five years of time”, and “your hobbies and interests”.


5. Consider your interview as a discussion – not a test and approach it as though you are talking to a stranger who might never see you again but will be left with a very favourable impression.

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