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Practising equal opportunities and considering diversity in the work place has become normal practice for organisations that understand the economic and social benefits. It is equally important for recruiters to receive good-quality applications reflecting the public they serve from the various communities.


The Diverse Employers Guide is part of the Equalities and Diversity Recruitment Service and a permanent online guide on Jobsbuster.com for companies and organisations who wish to communicate directly with the ethnic minority communities. It is easy to use, cost effective and delivers a positive message.


Our weekly newspaper Eastern Eye together with Garavi Gujarat magazine plus our seven associated websites will be the powerful engine behind the Diverse Employers Guide, ensuring we get to the heart of the Asian and ethnic minority communities in Britain.

By presenting your organisation’s profile and equalities and diversity policies and current vacancies in the Diverse Employers Guide you will become accessible to people from all communities and be recognized as an organization committed to diversity and equal opportunities.



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