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Operational Officers with MI6 are intelligent people from the widest possible range of UK cultures and backgrounds. They collect and assimilate secret foreign intelligence that helps the Government protect the country’s security, stability and prosperity. Have you got the qualities to join them?

MI6 exists to tackle threats to the UK including terrorism, regional instability, the proliferation of weapons and drug trafficking. Wherever you have developed your skills – the commercial, public or charity sector – you’ll need real resilience, intellect, adaptability and judgement.

There are three types of Operational Officer. Our Case Officers plan and carry out secret operations overseas. The Targeting Officers build up intelligence pictures of different areas of interest and identify potential target agents. Finally, our Reports Officers, based mainly in London, assess, validate and deliver intelligence to the Government. They’re all roles in which you can have a major impact on the UK – and develop a fascinating, long-term career.

If you are the kind of person we’re looking for, please visit www.mi6officers.co.uk

Please note, we only accept applications from British citizens. You should not discuss your application with anyone.

To find out more about our current vacancies, please visit : www.mi6officers.co.uk