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Did you know that there are over 4.6 million ethnic minority people living in the UK? (UK National Statistics 2001). At Procter & Gamble (P&G) we view diversity as a huge asset that generates fresh attitudes, different perspectives and exciting new ideas. We embrace diversity because it’s the fair and right thing to do and because it helps us to successfully mirror the positive changes occurring within our global society. By utilizing a diverse workforce that interacts effectively, we learn from each other and, in doing so, deliver increasingly effective and innovative solutions and products.

So how exactly do we endeavour to maximize the potential of our ever increasingly diverse workforce? Firstly, P&G has recruitment teams at major universities and recruitment events in London, Manchester and Birmingham as these cities have the largest ethnic minority groups. We also work directly with ethnic media companies to attract highly talented ethnic minority candidates.

Secondly, P&G has many diversity groups, one of which is our Ethnic Diversity Group (EDG). EDG objectives are to create and maintain a community of mutual support and cohesiveness, to provide a forum for recruitment and development for our ethnic employees and to promote ethnic cultural awareness to the rest of our P&G organisation.

A community of mutual support helps our ethnic employees discuss issues ranging from a buddy system whereby we help new ethnic immigrated employees understand the history & culture of the UK – to a lunch and learn session with a senior ethnic speaker. In addition, EDG created a mentoring scheme to educate senior managers on the different expressions of leadership between ethnic employees and Western employees. This programme has greatly improved the relationship between senior managers and their ethnic employees as their differences are being understood as an asset to the organisation. The more diverse styles we have in P&G, the more in touch we will be with our diverse consumer base.
Lastly, EDG works alongside the UK Diversity manager and senior management to make P&G one of the best companies for ethnic employees. We are currently putting plans in place to ensure ethnic employees are well represented at all levels of our company.

Ethnic employees feel an active part of the organisation from the first day they join. As our new Assistant Brand Manager for Hugo Boss, Sabah Naqushbandi says:
“I recently joined P&G as an Assistant Brand Manager in the Fine Fragrances department. Having now experienced life in the company, I cannot think of a better job or a better employer to work for!

As soon as you start work you are given tremendous responsibility. Currently, my boss and I make up the entire marketing team for Hugo, Boss, Boss Skin, Baldessarini and Ghost. At the same time P&G really invests back into its employees by providing a solid support network, ongoing training and personal development and fantastic career progression opportunities. Personally speaking however, I believe that one of the greatest things about P&G is its people. Every member in my department is not only extremely friendly and talented, but also really passionate about their work, which ensures that the work environment is always fun and dynamic. Aside from this, there are admittedly other perks which make the day-to-day job all the more appealing – one month into work and I was already being invited to parties, award ceremonies, exclusive press launches and film premieres!”

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